What is the difference between mechanical design and non-standard automation?

2021-02-26 10:33:30

Over the past two years, non-standard automation advertisements have been flying all over the Internet, which must be obvious to all. However, after clicking in, they are all advertisements of automation companies and accessories companies, and even some companies do Baidu bidding advertisements. This shows that non-standard automation is a trend, and automation will continue to replace manual work to complete some simple and repetitive work.

In some labor-intensive enterprises, in order to improve efficiency and accuracy, continuous improvement and upgrading of internal hardware equipment and assembly line operation mode will be gradually replaced by automatic robots. At present, it is most obvious in Guangdong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.

The above examples are all related to non-standard automation. So what is non-standard automation? In fact, non-standard automation is only a kind of automation equipment. For example, a four legged universal dining table can be automatically produced by a single machine. The process from material processing to assembly and molding does not require manual or only a small number of people to operate the equipment. This kind of equipment can be called automatic operation. Because most of the tables we usually see have four feet, what if a customer asks to make a table with three feet automatically? The same is the automation equipment from raw materials to finished products, which is different from the four foot dining table. It belongs to non-standard products or equipment, and the equipment that can automatically produce non-standard products is called non-standard automation equipment.

Through the above we understand what is non-standard automation, mechanical design and non-standard automation in the end how much difference? In fact, they are a hierarchical relationship, whether it is standard automation or non-standard automation, belong to mechanical design. As long as we learn the fundamentals of machinery well, we will be more and more familiar with the automation equipment and gradually design non-standard machinery. So no matter what kind of automation is, it can't do without basic knowledge of machinery. Equipment is nothing without machinery, so we should learn mechanical knowledge steadfastly. Are we afraid that we can't learn non-standard equipment?